Black Panther artist Mark teixeira
Vodou Cowboy #1 Mark Texiera cover
Vodou Cowboy #1 Mark Texiera cover
Vodou Cowboy #1 Mark Texiera cover
Vodou Cowboy #1 Mark Texiera cover
Matt Garvey Comics

Vodou Cowboy #1 Mark Texiera cover

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This is a Physical copy of the independent, horror comic Vodou Cowboy #1


Set against the backdrop of the old west after the end of the Civil War, Vodou Cowboy tells the story of Grady Young, a Bokor (Vodou Witch Doctor) who is called upon by an old army buddy to investigate the strange goings-on in the small town of Sweet Root. But what Grady soon discovers is, an evil force has gripped the town firmly by the Gullet and will not let it go without a gory fight. Sorry, that's all you are getting because I really don't want to spoil the story! 


Written by Matt Garvey

Cover and Interior art by Arjuna Sushini

Genre: Action, violence, comedy and bad words

Please be aware that this comic is not suitable for children.

Comic Details:

Type of Comic: Graphic Novel

Colour/ Black & White: Colour

Length: 24 pages

Cover printed on 170 gsm paper

Interior pages printed on 150 gsm paper

Comic Size: US Standard comic size

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