Oh, hey...how you doing?

Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Matt Garvey a I'm a comic writer from the UK! 

I've been writing comics for around nine years, but have only started printing them and selling them since March 2016.

In that time I've managed to release over 22 individual issues, a couple of trades and sold over 6,000 comics through local comic shops, comic cons and conventions.

I'm not really an "award" kinda guy, but I have over the last couple of years I have won...BEST Original one shot at the Yancy Street Comic awards for my one and done story Red Rocket Comet, which was also voted (by readers) as the best indie comic of 2018 by Pipedream Comics...so that's nice.

I love helping others realise their dream of making comics too, so if you ever see me at a comic con, please feel free to come by, have a chat and pick my brains.

I'll try and help in any way I can...because if I can make comics ANYONE can!