15! 15 issue ones! Digital comic
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15! 15 issue ones! Digital comic

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Well, here it is 15 years worth of work in one place…15 individual comics...ALL #1s. Collected for the first time in one giant 360 page digital comic!


This comic is going to be a monster! We are talking over 375pages of content.

The main content includes 15 x 24-page comics (plus covers and credit pages), which totals 390 pages. 

So what comics are you gonna get…

  • CHUNKS #1 Inappropriate toilet humor about a punk band on tour. (Art by Cris Canfailla)
  • The Adventures of Cordelia Swift #1: Steampunk murder mystery set in 1880s London. (Art by Aleksandar Bozic)
  • Transfer #1: Body swapping sci-fi thriller. (Art by Eder Messias)
  • The Ether #1: Brutal, street-level, London-based vigilante. (Art by Dizevez)
  • The Devil in Disguise #1: Satanic superhero comic about the Devil escaping Hell to prove to God he’s a good guy and deserves a second chance. (Art by Rob Ahmad)
  • White NOIR #1: Crime noir story set in a remote mountain town. (Art by Dizevez)
  • Untitled Generic Space Comedy #1: Inappropriate comedy about two Earth dudes in space who accidentally start an intergalactic civil war. (Art by John McFarlane, colors by Allison Hu & Cover by Rob Guillory)
  • PREY FOR US #1: Sci-fi horror set on an isolated forest planet. (Art by J Francis Totti)
  • CAMP BLEH: Horror comic for kids. That’s right—an all-ages spooky story about kids at camp. (Art by Rosie Hague)
  • The Cage #1: Supervillain prison comic. (Art by Dean Kotz)
  • Vodou Cowboy #1: Supernatural Horror western. (Art by Arjuna Susini)
  • BIG F#@K OFF WORMS #1: Over-the-top sci-fi comedy mocking all your favorite movies from Dune to Mad Max. (Art by J Francis Totti)
  • Chances Are #1: One lucky guy gets on the wrong side of the worst people and gets entered into a game of death. (Art by David Cousens)
  • I TOOK A HAMMER TO HELL #1: Jake makes a deal with the Devil, but instead of waiting for him to collect, he tapes a massive hammer to his hand and goes into Hell…to kill the Devil. (Art by Mulele Jarvis, colors by Fabi Marques)
  • GANGSTERS VERSUS NAZIS #1: WWII comic about Nazis invading NYC’s docks. (Art by Andrea Schiavone)