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white NOIR #1- Digital Comic

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This is a digital copy of the independent, Crime Noir Comic. White NOIR #1


After hitting a deer and crashing his car during a blizzard, a man now with no memory of who he was or where he was going braves the Icey conditions to walk to find the closet town for salvation. But when he arrives can he trust the locals and vice versa in this Twist ridden crime noir comic from Matt Garvey and art by Dizevez (The Ether)

Genre: Bad language, violence, Thriller, Crime

Please be aware that this comic is not suitable for children.


Written by Matt Garvey

Cover and interior art by Dizevez

Who is this Comic recommended for?

This comic is ideal for anyone who likes crime or Noir comics such as the Criminal Comic series by Brubaker and Phillips

Comic Details:

Type of Comic: Miniseries

Colour/ Black & White: colour

Length: 24 pages

Cover printed on 170 gsm paper

Interior pages printed on 150 gsm paper

Comic Size: US Standard comic size


*this is a digital comic and will be delivered as a PDF via a downloadable link*


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