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Red Rocket Comet- Digital Comic

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This is a digital copy of the independent, superhero crime comic, Red Rocket Comet


Red Rocket Comet is a self-contained 40 page mini graphic novel telling the story of Jerry the titular superhero, long since retired and down on his luck. Abruptly woken in the middle of the night by his old nemesis The Dark Skull (Lloyd) who want to reminisce about old times, slowly revealing the dark secrets they both share.

Genre: Superheroes, bad language, violence, Thriller, Crime

Please be aware that this comic is not suitable for children.


Written by Matt Garvey

Interior art by Grayham Puttock & Andy W Clift

Cover by Michael Rea.

Who is this Comic recommended for?

This self-contained story is ideal for anyone who likes crime or Noir comics such as the Criminal Comic series by Brubaker and Phillips or dare I say it…fans of Watchmen & Sin City

Comic Details:

Type of Comic: one-shot

Colour/ Black & White: Both

Length: 40 pages


Comic Size: US Standard comic size

*this is a digital comic and will be delivered as a PDF via a downloadable link*

**Also, please be aware that if you are placing a comic order along with other Apparel or Merch orders, comic items will be shipped to you separately.**

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