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Camp Bleh - Digital Comic

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This is a digital copy of the independent, British all-ages comic, Camp Bleh.

After years of not having any comics suitable for kids at my comic con table, I teamed up with the amazing Rosie Hauge to create the all-ages horror comic, Camp Bleh.


Camp Bleh tells the story of five kids sitting by a campfire at summer camp, being punished for being on their phones too much. With boredom looming they decide to try and scare each other by telling ghosts stories, but what the kids don’t know is…the story starts to become true and they summon a monster who begins to get closer and closer as the tail story continues.

However, as the kids squabble among themselves about what the monster should be the monster begins to change and become the victim of various slapstick moments to make both parent and child chuckle.

Genre: Comedy, horror, All Ages


Written by Matt Garvey

Cover and Interior art by Rosie Hague 

Please be aware that this all-ages comic does contain mild horror elements and comical monsters, but I can I please ask that a supervising adult make sure it is appropriate before giving it to kids.

Comic Details:

Type of Comic: One-Shot

Colour/ Black & White: Full Colour

Length: 24 pages

Comic Size: US Standard comic size

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