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Transfer #1

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This is a physical copy of the independent, scifi crime thriller comic, Transfer #1


Nothing To Declare
In the past, it was easy. If you were, say a famous actor, disenchanted with fame or a billionaire philanthropist that is a hairsbreadth away from being indicted in a class-action lawsuit.

You would fake your own death, have the surgery, come back as someone new and be the sole beneficiary to your previous wealth. However, in the not too distant future, the only way to achieve the same result is with a clean body and this is where Stephen Bannister, the Coyote, can help.
Stephen has the technology to transfer your mind into his and upload it into a new body.

Genre: Scifi, bad language, violence, Thriller, Crime

Please be aware that this comic is not suitable for children.


Written by Matt Garvey

Interior art by Eder Messiah

Cover art by Dizevez

Who is this Comic recommended for?

This comic is ideal for fans of movies like johnny mnemonic and TV shows like the Sopranos.

Comic Details:

Type of Comic: Miniseries

Colour/ Black & White: colour

Length: 24 pages

Cover printed on 170 gsm paper

Interior pages printed on 150 gsm paper

Comic Size: US Standard comic size

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