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Glass Hood - Superhero Thriller comic

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This is a physical copy of the independent, superhero Thriller comic, The Glass Hood.


The Spiritual brother of Red Rocket Comet and set in the same universe. Glass Hood is a 44 pages self-contained mini graphic novel that tells the tale of Victor Day (aka The Glass Hood) who upon release from prison after serving twenty years, kidnaps his superhero nemesis Commander Justice (aka Maxwell Marshall) at gun point and makes Max dig his own grave.

Jumping back and forth in time, with each time period having its own distinctive art style, beautifully depicted by both Grayham and Stephan individually, as Max begins to dig the pair discuss how the series of events in the past have led to this moment in time.


Genre: Superheroes, bad language, violence, Thriller, Crime

Please be aware that this comic is not suitable for children.



Written by Matt Garvey

Interior art by Grayham Puttock & Stefano Pavan

Cover by Michael Rea.

Who is this Comic recommended for?

This self-contained story is ideal for anyone who likes crime or Noir comics such as the Criminal Comic series by Brubaker and Phillips or dare I say it…fans of Watchmen.

Comic Details:

Type of Comic: one-shot

Colour/ Black & White: Both

Length: 44 pages

Cover printed on 300 gsm gloss paper

Interior pages printed on 150 gsm paper

Comic Size: US Standard comic size

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