Making Comics With Matt Garvey: Video TEN!

Hi Guys,

In this video we are going to be talking about Comic Gutters and ow to use them...and why you SHOULD be using them! Comic Gutters are an underused element in comic books and used right they can vastly improve this visual medium. Sometimes it's not what you show that's important! Guys, in this video I'm gonna show you the common mistakes that new comic writers make. so whatever you do, don't do this! if you have missed the first two parts or any of my videos on my comic-making process so far from start to finish they'll be links below.


Matt Garvey Website & Online Store:

Twitter & Instagram: @mattgarvey1981

How to plot comics videos:

Writing comic Scripts Part One:

Writing comic Scripts Part Two:

Here is the link to the google drive that contains the plot document and the page turn image shown in this video:

Also a big thank you to my buddy Mark Hughes for providing some art for the video, you can follow him here on twitter here: @theartofsok and check out his website and get a commission here:

Also, for all your latest comic news and sure to check out THE COMIC CRUSH!



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