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CHUNKS #2 - Punk Rock Comic

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This is a physical copy of the independent, Punk Rock comic, CHUNKS #2

Series Synopsis:

CHUNKS Chronicles the trials and tribulations a punk rock band called The Pineapple Chunks as they cross the country from New York to LA in search of fame, fortune and that elusive record contract.

Issue Synopsis:

The CHUNKS have made it to LA except they have run out of money and find themselves performing at a kid’s birthday party…what could possibly go wrong?

After a brief, yet memorable sexual encounter with the birthday boy’s mother, the party descends into chaos as the infidelity is discovered by the husband.

Genre: Comedy, inappropriate humour, scenes of a sexual nature, bad language.

Please be aware that this comic is not suitable for children.


Written by Matt Garvey

Cover and Interior art by Cris Canfailla

Who is this Comic recommended for?

Well if you are a fan of the Early films of Kevin Smith or the inappropriate toilet humour found in shows like the inbetweeners and The Young Ones (if you are that old) then CHUNKS is definitely a comic for you.

Comic Details:

Type of Comic: One-Shot

Colour/ Black & White: Full Colour

Length: 24 pages

Cover printed on 170 gsm paper

Interior pages printed on 150 gsm paper

Comic Size: US Standard comic size

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