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BIG F#@K OFF WORMS #1 - FREE Digital Comic

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Here it is, guys! The best independent comic you haven’t read….yet!

And best of all…#1 is FREE to download. That’s right, my awesome artist collaborator J Francis Totti and I invite you to download a free copy of the first issue of this over the top Comedy Action comic.


On December 5th 2018, thousands of worms into space so scientists could see how a worm’s muscles would react in zero gravity hoping it would aid in the research to stop muscular dystrophy in astronauts! (this bit is all totally true by the way…google it!)

However, after a freak radiation storm, the space station was destroyed and the now irradiated worms were sent back to earth along with the debris.

That was twelve years ago and now on Earth we have…BIG F#@K OFF WORMS…and Petey is the only man who cans top them!

#2 coming very soon!

*this is a digital comic and will be delivered as a PDF via a downloadable link*